An influencer sold her love as an NFT for $250,000 and is going to have dinner with the mystery buyer

She told Insider the idea was inspired by Italian artist Salvatore Garau who sold an invisible sculpture titled "Io sono" (meaning "I am") for $18,300 in May, according to Rentel told Insider selling her love was more than just an unusual way to make money or consolidate her place in history books, she believes it makes a statement to other women about their autonomy. "For me, selling digital love is empowering for women because we can love without compromising our freedom and individuality," she said. "Digital love is transactional, but so is marrying a man just because he is wealthy and stable, right?" she added.

Norwegian women's beach handball team forced to pay fines after players wore shorts — instead of bikini bottoms — during a game

Speaking to national broadcaster NRK, Norwegian player Katinka Haltvik said the decision to ignore the warnings and wear shorts "was very spontaneous" and that they felt "felt threatened by the regulations." Haltvik hopes the statement paved the way for other teams who feel uncomfortable with the uniforms but aren't able to accept fines."People cheered on us for going in front of several teams and taking the brunt. Not all teams can afford to pay such fines," she said.

A 94-year-old woman just fulfilled her dream of wearing a wedding dress — nearly 70 years after she got married

Since she posted her grandmother's story on Facebook, people around the world have shared the images of Tucker dressed as a bride. "She acts extremely excited as if she knows who it is but she's 94," Strozier told Insider. "So when I told her 'Grandma, Snoop Dogg just shared your pictures on his Instagram,' she was like, 'Snoop Dogg?' And we laughed because she probably don't know who Snoop Dogg is." She added: "Now she's saying, 'Do you think Oprah may call me?' I said, 'I don't think so Grandma.'"

A David Bowie painting bought for $4 at a Canadian landfill is now selling for more than $14,000

To authenticate the painting, Cowley said they worked with Andy Peters, "an expert in David Bowie's signatures, based in the UK." Peters runs the website David Bowie Autograph, which documents the changes in the musician's autograph between 1963 and his death in 2016 after suffering from cancer. "He was not only able to confirm that the artwork is by David Bowie, but has also recently discovered that the painting was sold through a David Bowie website, where other Bowie works were sold in 2001 or 2002 for £2,300 ($3,247)" Cowley told Insider, referencing a now-extinct art website.

A Brazilian fashion brand apologized for encouraging shoppers to use a discount code to honor a pregnant influencer who was killed by a stray bullet

Brazilian fashion brand FARM Rio has apologized after encouraging its followers to use a discount code to pay tribute to Kathlen Romeu, a 24-year-old interior designer and influencer who died after being shot on Tuesday, according to the Guardian. Romeu, who announced on Instagram that she was pregnant days before her death, was struck by a single bullet during a police shoot-out in Rio de Janeiro's Lins de Vasconcelos favela, where there has been growing unrest between police and drug gangs, the Guardian reported.

After 30 years in exile, the Prince of Venice says there is still a role for abolished monarchies even if they never see the throne

Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia, the Prince of Venice, spent the first 30 years of his life away from his ancestral home. In 2002, the Italian government ruled that the Savoy royal family could re-enter Italy after a 56-year exile imposed on male heirs, Prince Emanuele told Insider from his Monte Carlo residence. "I'd always dreamed of Italy. I always wanted to go back because I felt Italian," Emanuele said. He remembers turning to books, documentaries, and the company of Italians who visited him in Switzerland to stay connected to his heritage until he was allowed to go home.

Louis Vuitton faces backlash for selling traditional Palestinian keffiyeh-inspired scarf

The traditionally black-and-white keffiyeh, or kufiya, has become synonymous with the Palestinian liberation movements and was dubbed by Hirbawi Textile Factory, the Palestinian territories' last and only keffiyeh factory, as "the unofficial Palestinian flag." The intricate pattern, according to Hirbawi Textile Factory's website, "is said to represent a fishing net, a honeycomb, the joining of hands, or the marks of dirt and sweat wiped off a worker's brow, among other things." It also carries a lot of symbolic significance for the community.

A woman is re-creating popular outfits on TikTok to highlight the double standards plus-size women face

A 23-year-old is using her TikTok platform to show people what popular Pinterest outfits look like on bigger bodies, and highlight the double standard that plus-size people can face when wearing the same outfits as thinner people. Brooklyn Allen started the "Pinterest Outfits on a Fat Person" series, where she tries popular trends or outfits as seen on Pinterest, to start a conversation about plus-size fashion. In one video, which has garnered 1.6 million views, Allen says a flat stomach is a "key accessory that makes these outfits so desirable and perfect to society."

A Moroccan creative turned her 68-year-old mom into a streetwear style icon on Instagram

Many people have cherished childhood memories of playing dress-up with their parents. For Rotterdam-based creative, Meryem Slimani, 37, dressing her 68-year-old Moroccan mother in striking outfits of the day on Instagram is a joyful subversion of this parent-child dynamic. One scroll down the Instagram account @meryemsfirst reveals photogenic Najate Leklye sat in front of Moroccan-inspired backdrops wearing kaleidoscopic color palettes and cool streetwear ensembles with sports hijabs. Think neons, animal prints, and those sneakers that are currently sitting in your ASOS cart.

The artist behind Prince Philip's final portrait reveals 3 hidden details in the painting — and what they mean

In 2017, Prince Philip spent one hour sitting for a final portrait before he retired from a long career in public service. The portrait, by Ralph Heimans, an Australian-British royal painter, depicts the Duke of Edinburgh in formal attire standing in a long corridor at Windsor Castle. The duke looks regal yet slightly hunched, surrounded by fine art and busts. Upon closer inspection, however, the portrait is saturated with hidden references to Philip's family, history, and heritage — subtle threads that form the fabric of the duke's unique life.

Grace Kelly, Princess of Monaco and Oscar-winning Hollywood actress, had to sacrifice her millions to marry a prince

While Kelly's American and Irish wills do not account for the wealth she amassed from brand deals, jewelry, and fashion collections of items that were gifted to the actress for exposure, and any income she had as a working royal, the documentary claims there is a secret third will that has been locked away in the Grimaldi archives. When asked why she and the director of the documentary, Adam Warner, suspect there is a third will, Godfrey told Insider: "The realisation that Grace Kelly had only $10,000 in her own name in the US stoked our curiosity.

Lebanon's skinniest building was reportedly built by a man who wanted to ruin his brother's sea-front views

According to a Lebanese urban myth, one man turned sibling pettiness into an extreme sport when he erected the country's thinnest habitable building in front of his brother's property. His intentions were simple — to block his brother's seafront views and devalue the property. Situated in the Manara neighborhood of Beirut, the skinny building is known by locals as "al-Ba`sa," which loosely means "the Grudge" in Arabic. It is just 2 feet wide at its narrowest point, 14 feet at its widest, and was built in 1954 after the owner reportedly received a less favorable plot of land than his brother and wanted revenge by way of inconvenience.

Meghan Markle isn't the only woman of color to be accused of workplace bullying. The 'angry Black woman' is a stereotype rooted in racism.

Sheryl Miller is a business advisor and author of Smashing Stereotypes: How To Get Ahead When You're The Only ____ In The Room. Miller spoke to Insider about the insidious nature of unconscious bias in workplaces, and how this relates to Markle. "Research shows that there is a negative correlation between success and likeability with women," Miller said. "As men become more successful, they're more liked, but as women become more successful, they tend to be disliked, it kind of goes the opposite way."

Inside the $95,000 progressive Welsh school teaching royals and future leaders that's been called 'Hogwarts for hippies'

Despite the price tag and unconventional 12th-century St Donat's Castle campus, Atlantic College is far from an elitist institution for the rich and famous. Instead, it touts itself as a force for educational change with seafront views of Glamorgan. According to the principal, Peter T. Howe, over 60% of Atlantic College students receive full or partial scholarships to ensure that finances are not a barrier to quality education. "It's not just for rich kids. It's not just for poor kids," Howe told Insider.

Spotify defended paying Prince Harry and Meghan Markle for a podcast while musicians struggle to make money, but the couple isn't to blame

A Spotify executive appeared before British members of Parliament (MPs) last week amid criticism from musicians who say the streaming giant doesn't pay them fairly while it offers lucrative deals to big names, like Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have also been criticized by some tabloids for accepting such a high-value deal for their Archewell Audio podcast — the amount has not been disclosed, though ITV News reports it is an estimated $25 million — while artists campaign for fair compensation.

Prince Ernst August of Hanover is suing his 'ungrateful' son for selling a family castle for $1

Prince Ernst August of Hanover is suing his own son of the same name for selling a castle that he had inherited to the German government for €1 ($1.20). The father and son are feuding over Marienburg castle and the surrounding Calenburg estate, which are said to be run-down and in need of €27 million ($32.8 million) worth of renovations. This meant that upkeep for the 135-room Gothic creation in Lower Saxony made it a financial burden for the house of Hanover, rather than an asset.

Princess Diana was criticized by Prince Charles for wearing a black dress to her first royal engagement

Princess Diana revealed that Prince Charles criticized her for choosing to wear a black taffeta dress to their first royal engagement as a betrothed couple. Diana spoke about the incident during secretly recorded interviews in 1991 for her biography "Diana: Her True Story" by Andrew Morton, which was revised in 2017 and titled "Diana: Her True Story — In Her Own Words." The exchange took place before the couple attended a fundraising concert at Goldsmiths Hall, London in aid of The Royal Opera House on March 9, 1981.

Meet Skater Uktis: the international Muslim crew redefining skate culture

If you walk along the riverside at South Bank, London, you’ll soon become aware of the graffitied skate space tucked beneath Royal Festival Hall. You’ll hear the skaters before you see them as their decks hit the ramps and grip tape scratches on the heels of their shoes. As the space comes into view, the people will mostly take the same form – young white guys wearing beaten up trainers and graphic oversized tees.

“Unibrows aren’t a 2021 beauty trend. Body hair is a complex issue for South Asian women”

Since then, I’ve tried epilators, wax strips, hair buffers that may as well have been sheets of sandpaper – you name it. I was far too young to be growing accustomed to ripping layers of my skin off or accidentally cutting chunks out of my legs with razors. By age 18, my party trick was being able to thread my upper lip without even using a mirror. In my mind, being hairy was a mistake in my design that society does not afford Desi women on top of our other ethnic features, so I spent time and money correcting this.

This is What an Iraqi Looks Like: the new web series by HAJER

When Baghdad Central aired at the start of this year, Iraqi viewers across the globe tuned in with hopes of seeing their culture and motherland represented on screen. Instead, the six-part television series, based around the 2003 Iraq war and directed by Alice Troughton, was met with a wave of critical backlash and labelled as “inauthentic”. In an open letter entitled THIS WAS NEVER YOUR STORY TO TELL, Iraqi-Australian actress and founder of Iraqi Diaspora Creatives, HAJER, 22, told the creators of the show that the global Iraqi community felt their country had simply been used as an exotic “backdrop”.
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