Hailey Bieber is being sued for trademark infringement over her new skin-care line by a celebrity-loved fashion brand with the same name

The document obtained by Insider and filed on behalf of Purna Khatau and Phoebe Vickers, the fashion company's cofounders, claims Bieber's brand detracts attention from their business and creates "consumer confusion." The fashion brand's lawsuit is seeking for Bieber's company to stop using the Rhode name to avoid "irreparable harm" to their business.

The Mona Lisa was attacked with a pastry by a man disguised as an elderly woman in a wheelchair

The Mona Lisa was smeared with a pastry by a man disguised as an elderly lady at the Louvre in Paris on Sunday, a museum representative confirmed to Insider. According to video footage of the incident shared on Twitter by Luke Sundberg, a 20-year-old witness who uses the username @lukeXC2002, the world-famous Leonardo da Vinci painting was attacked by a man who jumped up from a wheelchair and covered the protective glass over the artwork in cream.

Portraits of the Queen have been projected onto Stonehenge in tribute to her 70-year reign

Portraits of Queen Elizabeth II throughout her 70-year reign have been projected onto Stonehenge ahead of her Platinum Jubilee celebrations. On Monday, it was announced by English Heritage, a charity that manages over 400 historic buildings, monuments, and sites, that the 5,000-year-old stone monument in Salisbury, England, had received a temporary makeover to honor the 96-year-old royal.

A royal guard shares 5 hidden details on his iconic blood-red uniform and the meaning behind them

Royal guards are soldiers who are part of regiments under the Household Division, according to the official website. Since the 17th century, their role has consisted of both public and ceremonial duties, such as taking part in the sovereign's birthday parade and the Changing of the Guard ceremony at Buckingham Palace, St. James's Palace, and the Wellington Barracks, the website adds. The guards, famous for their blood-red outfits and lofty black hats, can often be spotted in royal locations in London and Windsor.

Disappointing photos show what a royal event celebrating the Queen's Platinum Jubilee is like in real life

Two of Insider's reporters went to a royal event celebrating the Queen's Platinum Jubilee, which marks her 70 years on the throne. It was held outside the Old Admiralty building near Buckingham Palace in London. The event took place near Buckingham Palace. Trooping the Colour is an annual parade of royal officers, horses, and musicians who come together for the Queen's birthday.

An influencer posts relaxed and posed photos to show how different bodies can look online

Sara Puhto is a 25-year-old influencer based in Finland who uses the Instagram name @saggysara and has over 412,000 followers. She's been making fitness content since 2015 but quickly grew tired of posting flexed muscles from the best angles with the right lighting. Puhto told Insider she would often feel bad after comparing herself to people online and didn't want her page to have the same effect on others.

A 9-year-old fashion designer who was sent a sewing machine by Vera Wang creates viral TikToks about making her own dresses

It's common for children to fantasize about what they want to be when they grow up, but a 9-year-old Colorado fashion designer is already turning her dream career into reality. Kaia Aragon made her first dress in November and now has a closet full of original designs, a sewing machine gifted by Vera Wang, and over 600,000 followers on her mom Tonya Aragon's TikTok account, @middle.mom.

Bill Clinton would visit Nelson Mandela's home and ask to eat the exact same meals as him, says Sanctuary Mandela hotel manager

"He actually visited quite often to a point where he would want to eat exactly what Madiba used to eat and he wouldn't want it all prettied up in a specific way," Maritz said. The manager also said Ndoyiya told him that when Clinton enjoyed meals prepared by her, Mandela would send the then-president to the kitchen to thank her personally.

3 van life couples share what every traveler should know before committing to mobile living

Speaking about expectations versus the reality of living in a van, El Kotni said: "There's a lot of glorified videos out there of how amazing it is and how it's the ultimate freedom, but we have to acknowledge it's not for everyone." She advised finding a friend with a van and asking them to borrow it or renting one for a week to two to ease into it and see if it's a good fit.

A couple held a live online wedding ceremony in the metaverse where their avatars married at a virtual chapel in the sky

"I think it shows that the world has changed and what could be possible next. It is a very exciting thing," she said, adding that Virbela had hosted a Bar Mitzvah in the metaverse but this was their first wedding. According to the American Marriage Ministries' website, marriages that solely occur in a metaverse or video game are not legally recognized.

A viral review eviscerated a Michelin-starred restaurant for serving citrus foam inside a mold of the chef's mouth

"Absent utensils, we were told to lick it out of the chef's mouth in a scene that I'm pretty sure was stolen from an eastern European horror film," DeRuiter wrote of the menu item. She added in her post that the serving dish is sold on the Pellegrino Brothers' online gift shop, "in case you want to have a restraining order filed against you this holiday season." At the time of writing, the item is on sale and costs €45, or around $51.

Theory apologizes after a Chinese customer says the fashion brand sent her a package with a racial slur instead of her name

Liu Dvorsky told Insider that she was shopping at Theory in Philadelphia Premium Outlets on October 19 when a store assistant offered to ship an out-of-stock pair of leggings to her home address. Liu Dvorsky said that when the package arrived on Sunday she was "frustrated" to see the slur in place of her name, and saw that her other details were correct so it was unlikely to be the wrong delivery.

A collection of artwork by Muhammad Ali including a 'sting like a bee' sketch sold for almost $1 million at auction

A collection of original artwork by American heavyweight boxer Muhammad Ali fetched just under $1 million at auction on Tuesday, according to Bonhams auction house. Ali, who died aged 74 in 2016 as a result of complications of Parkinson's disease, was also a celebrated artist and activist. A statement published on Bonhams' website on Tuesday said that 26 of the 28 pieces in the collection sold for a total of $945,524, which was "over 3 times the low estimate."

Auschwitz museum staff say anti-Semitic graffiti has been found in an 'outrageous attack' on the former concentration camp

Nine wooden barracks located at the South Poland memorial site were said to have been graffitied with English and German anti-Semitic slogans in what staff described as an "outrageous attack." In the statement tweeted by the official Auschwitz Memorial account after the graffiti was discovered on Tuesday, representatives for the memorial site said the spray-painted inscriptions included references to the Old Testament in a way "often used by anti-Semites," and "denial slogans."
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